Fish eating fish eating fish

Decompressing in NorCal following a vibrant Hadoop World. More press mentions:

· Big Data, Big News: 10 Things To See At Hadoop World, CRN, October 23, 2012 – (Circulation 53,397)

· Quest Software Announces Hadoop-Centric Software Analytics, CloudNewsDaily, October 23, 2012-coverage of Hadoop product announcements.

· Quest Launches New Analytics Software for Hadoop, SiliconANGLE, October 23, 2012- coverage of Hadoop Product.

· Continuing its M&A software push, Dell moves into ‘big data’ analytics via Kitenga buy, 451 Research

· Cisco Updates Schedule to Automate Hadoop Big Data Analysis Systems, Eweek, October 24, 2012- mention of Kitenga product announcement at Hadoop. (Circulation 196,157)

· Quest Launches New Analytics Software for Hadoop, DABBC, October 24, 2012

And what about fish? Dell == Big Fish, Quest == Medium Fish, Kitenga == Happy Minnow.

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