Dates, Numbers, and Canadian Makings

Against SuperheroesOn the 21st of June, 1997, which was the solstice, my wife and I married. We celebrated that date again today, but it is not the solstice again due to astronomical drift around the calendar. And I also crossed the border of 100,000 words on Against Superheroes, moving towards resolution of a novel that could, conceivably, have no ending. There are always more mythologies to be explored.

Just last week I was in Banff, Canada, sitting quietly with my bear spray and a little titanium cook pot. I didn’t have to deploy the mace, and was relieved I also didn’t have to endure twelve hours of wolf stalking like this Canadian woman.

And while I was north of the US border, I learned that a Canadian animated film I was involved with was released to Amazon Prime video. I am just an Executive Producer of the film, which means that I had no creative input, but I am really pleased with the film. Ironically, I couldn’t watch this Canadian product while in Canada, just an hour from the studio that produced it. But rest assured that Christmas will be saved in the end!

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