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Exceptional Menu

Most interesting menu thusfar…beats French Laundry and Chez Panisse. Best of all, not being able to read the menu heightened the drama.  Special thanks to my hosts on the eve of their tragic anniversary.


Tokyo (Shin-Yokohama) and the Art of Noticing

Shin Yokohama (click to enlarge)

Rooftop gardens, construction workers doing calisthenics before starting their labors, and a multi-tiered cemetery and temple are pierced by a Shinkansen (bullet train) in this panorama via iPhone (Limit Point Software panorama app) and Gimp.

Magical Blood Typing

Since I’m in Japan, it’s raining and I slept too much on the plane to get back to sleep, I thought I’d post on the Japanese blood type craze.  Full disclosure, as AB+ I can be arty and mysterious.

I’m reminded of the suggestion that UFOs are demons that permeates some of more extreme fundamentalist community. In the case of the Japanese interest, it likely started from origins in “scientific racism” that permeated pre-WWII Japan and Germany. Quoting Mussolini, “The best blood will at some time get into a fool or a mosquito,” I have to wonder how the Axis powers managed their racial antipathy towards one another enough to remain part of the Axis?

Welcome to Ex Uno Plura!

Blame me

Ex Uno Plura is a new blog with the goal of exploring philosophical arguments and ideas that are new and a bit cutting edge. Some of the topics that will be explored include recent developments in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, machine learning, evolutionary adaptation, atheism (and its discontents), technology and the humanities, literature and literary theory, and a raft of other topics that register as experimental. The goal is to always try to do justice to the topic and contextualize it historically and as part of intellectual history.

Note that the title might be a translation mistake. I have conflicting information on this; maybe it should be Ex Uno Plures but others concur with Ex Uno Plura. At least it’s not as bad as some of the other guesses floating around, including a title by David Foster Wallace.

My name is Mark Davis and I am an entrepreneur, computer scientist, and author. I split my time between New Mexico and Sili Valley (AKA Silicon Valley, but I like calling it Sili).  My background ranges from an unusual upbringing in New Mexico to time in the US Peace Corps, to working for Microsoft and XeroX PARC, and, recently, to startups in computational linguistics, big data analytics, and machine learning.  I just retired from a role as a CTO and Distinguished Engineer at Dell Software Group following the sale of my startup company, Kitenga, one of the first big data analytics companies. My new cognitive computing and deep learning startup, Like Human, is under development.

I am the author of a couple dozen scientific papers on a range of topics (though I haven’t written one in a decade now), numerous patents, and three novels.  My first novel, Teleology, explored the impact of a technological singularity on the lives of twins. My second novel, Signals and Noise, tracks the life of a teenage hacker as he tries to unravel what is real and what is imaginary after discovering strange mind-controlling signals in the internet. I am pleased to announce a new novel, Against Superheroes, is now available. I am now working on a comedy—possibly tragic, depending on your mindset—titled ¡Reconquista! with launch in early 2018. I plan to serialize additional work through this blog.